Artist Statement

My work deals with myths, both ancient and personal, that involve archetypal themes of the struggle for knowledge and understanding.  In the mythic world objects acquire or are imbued with spiritual power.  This power comes from many diverse sources:  the maker, the user, the viewer, and even the long dead.  My sculpture is comprised of many diverse parts -- machine parts, tool parts, electrical components, toy parts, household  implements,  feathers, stones and bones -- all things that have had previous lives and were touched by many hands.  These parts bring their histories and power with them to the sculpture and together become unified and amplified.

For me a really good artwork is one that acts like a perpetual capacitor ( a concept only viable in the imagination).  It sits silently until someone comes by and makes a mental connection with the piece -- then BAM! -- the piece conveys itself to the viewer like a charge, instantly, totally, and nonverbally.  The viewer "knows" the piece and experiences a similar creative leap of understanding to that of the artist that made it.  This understanding which links the artist and the viewer transcends time and hopefully allows us more knowledge of ourselves and of our connections to all others.